Norovirus 2023. A DANGER or A MYTH?

Norovirus 2023

Norovirus 2023 is a seasonal virus that occurs in cold months. It is a typical viral stomach illness and it can spread anywhere, therefore, it is crucial to know how to find it and deal with it.  Norovirus is like the stomach flu; however, it is not related to influenza. It causes digestive issues like … Read more

Haunted Places in Ohio – Are You Brave Enough to Visit?

Haunted Places in Ohio


Ohio has a history and wealth of historic buildings, so it’s no surprise that we have our share of ghosts also. The state is no stranger to haunted places and reports of eerie sightings and scary spots. The people of the great state of Ohio uphold its reputation as one of the civil and polite states. Ohio holds its fair share of haunted places that indicate the brave and the curious. The haunted places in Ohio offer a blend of history and horror including weird old shelters and ghostly mansions. Ohio has a history of thousands of ghost stories coming from all corners of the state.  

South Bass Island Lighthouse at Put-in-Bay – One of the Most Haunted Places in Ohio 

Put-in-Bay is a charming village located on South Bass Island on the appropriately named Lake Erie. The village is quiet and beautiful, and a popular vacation spot for tourists but is one of the most haunted places in Ohio. 

In the late 18th century, a smallpox widespread destroyed the county. A young man was depressed by the disease and took his life by jumping from a cliff by the lighthouse. Visitors hear the spattering sound of something in the water but see nothing. Visitors also hear footsteps crawling up the stairs and doors slamming shut on their own.  

Moonville Tunnel, McArthur, Ohio 

The Moonville Tunnel sends shivers up the spine as it is another one of the most haunted places in Ohio. It is located deep in the woods and is framed by a faded stone doorway covered in moss. The tunnel is long and extremely dark, allowing up the light from each opening. 

The tunnel is a stretch of rail track that leads to an old town. If you are bold to venture through it, you may see the ghost of an unlucky train conductor who died in a head-on collision with another train. Visitors have taken pictures only to look back at them later and notice the pale figure of a man they didn’t see before, or ghost train lights blazing at the end of the tunnel. 

Licking County Historic Jail

The Licking County Jail is home only to prisoners serving afterlife sentences. It has spiral towers and a castle-like exterior that appeal to the same sinking feeling that the prisoners who first marched up its steps must have felt. The inside has tons of small, dirty cells facing its terribly lit halls. 

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