(The Better) Overview of Yogamente: Powerful Combination of Yoga and Meditation

Yoga has been around for centuries as it was first initiated in India. It has been the practice of improving physical health as the word is derived from the Sanskrit. However, have you ever thought of improving your mental being as well? If you are on an exploration journey of easing your mind, soul, and body then Yogamente is your answer. If you are unaware of what Yogamente means and the techniques it includes, then no need to worry as this article will preach to you all you need to know about Yogamente.

The unseen meaning of Yogamente – the cognitive functioning

Adhering to the requests of the mind is just as important as giving peace to the body. The mind is the controller and it is a must to have inner peace and relaxation which Yogamente is all about! There are different ways how you can relax the body, through different positions and breathing exercises.

However, when it comes to the mind, immense focus, meditation, and firm visualization should be at the top. Of course, getting to the finer position of Yogamente will be time taking but, it will all soon be worthwhile. Hence, Yogamente is an overall combination of yoga and meditation. This helps to heal the function of the mind and body.

Establishing a connection- mind and human actions 

The mind senses bodily reactions in the best way and stores all of the answers that you cannot seem to find. Through Yogamente, the passage becomes clearer and creates space.. Getting to know the mind and how your body processes your thoughts and emotions is essential for you to be stable in life.

Hence, the harmony of the mind and body is critical. The establishment of that link brings forth some amazing resistance to uncertain situations. Yogamente ensures to bind men to the systems of the body and provides answers to sickness, whether physical or mental.

The accuracy of Yogamente – finding its starting destination

As Yogamente is a sum of two different words, yoga, and mete, it might be harder for some to create and find its origins as a start. As yoga has been ongoing since ancient times, first being spotted in India, this also brought Yogamente into existence. Yoga has different asanas which refer to the poses which are executed. Now, there is also drishti which means to have a focused look during asanas and this can easily be achieved by looking at a fixed point. Hence, there are further types of classifications that have been made from yoga. This has various other yogas such as Iyengar yoga and Hatha yoga.

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How to get started with Yogamente – the essentials needed

By understanding the concept of Yogamente, it is finally time that you can start practicing it. Moreover, having focal points such as focus and relaxation will help you reach the highest regard of Yogamente with ease. Before starting, ensure yourself that through practise, you will have the perfect flow of Yogamente. If you do not feel immense relaxation the first time, (which is highly unlikely due to its easiness,) you don’t have to worry as continuing it will surely produce finer results.

Step 1: Have a clear intention with sorted thoughts

Before starting with Yogamente, you need to ensure that you are setting your intentions to be clear. You can sit on the yoga mat for a while and think of the reasons why you choose to opt for Yogamente. Getting answers to unsolved questions is a great way to endure your intentions. It is also a deeper innovative way to understand yourself during the process especially what you, your soul, body, and mind need. Hence, take a few deep breaths and clear and sort away your thoughts and intentions. It helps to improve mental functioning and also makes you a stronger individual through mind first.

Step 2: Find comfort 

Finding comfort is one of the most crucial steps and to say, a Yogamente session might not be as successful if you are not comfortable. Hence, take your time to get comfortable on your yoga mat. You can also relax by visualizing some asanas and restorative yoga. This has its main focus on deep relaxation. Creating strong mental images of those positions will help you in sustainability. It is a successful method of systematic desensitization- a relaxation-based technique to impair anxiety and stress.

Step 3: Being aware 

Awareness is one crucial element that some people whole performing might take too seriously, or might not consider it. Hence, while performing Yogamente ensure that you are just about right in being aware of not just the surrounding but, your body. While performing yoga positions, ensure to think of your body becoming fresh and relaxed. This is achievable through proprioception. Proprioception is the awareness of your body. Ensure to create a strong link and harmony of your mind with your body to have great relaxation.

Step 4: Exercise deep breathing 

Deep breathing is a key concern in performing Yogamente. There are plenty of deep breathing exercises such as pranamya kosha. During this time, you also have to consider prana. Prana initially means life force or energy and it is done through deep breathing.

Step 5: Connect your inner hassles 

Once you are in deep relaxation of the mind and have the smoothness of your body, you can easily connect your inner hassles. Thinking of the struggles, life journey aims and goals might be frustrating. However, maintaining the breathing and yoga position will surely help.

Step 6: Let go of your battles and sorrow through imaginal and systematic desensitization 

To make Yogamente further successful and relaxing, you can focus on imagining yourself in your comfort place. This can be in any natural setting such as the ocean or forest. The first thing you should do while being in asanas is to think of the beach during mid-day, You can add further details like fresh calm cold soothing winds. While setting the image, let your inner battles let go while maintaining the breathing exercises. This will help you lower your anxiety and improve your cognitive skills. Helping the mind get calm and relaxed through desensitization is one of the best methods. You can carry this out during any yoga position while being comfortable.

Step 7: Get to know who you are 

Yogamente is all about caring for your physical health as well as your mental being. Hence, focus on getting to know who you truly are. Unveil yourself to your inner you and let yourself know of your strength and capabilities. Take time and go through each emotion with deep interest and find out the reasons why. Aim to have personal growth and be more self-aware of yourself. Doing this method will also raise your EQ which consists of 4 main elements:

  • Self-awareness- knowing of yourself such as strengths and weaknesses.
  • Self-management- catering to your weaknesses, and knowing how to overcome them.
  • Social awareness- knowing the emotions of people around you
  • Social skills- managing their emotions and weakness.

How do image and deep breath exercises help with perfecting Yogamente?

Yogamente combines yoga and mindfulness. It aims to give the body and mind calmness. It also helps in creating a link which is secure. Your body always sends signs and indications to your mind. However, sometimes you are not able to catch them. This causes imbalance, and sickness as well as cuts off the link of understanding your reactions to certain things. Therefore, to reform this link and to create an unbreakable tie, having imaginal and breathing exercises is important.

Through imagery, you will be able to ease your mind by declaring yourself to be powerful, strong, worthwhile, and acceptable just as how you are.

What are the cerebral benefits of Yogamente?

There are countless benefits of carrying out Yogamente. Best of all, it is not time-consuming. This makes it easier to practice and keep in a habit for day-to-day life. Therefore, you will come to see a ton of benefits of performing Yogamente such as:

Knowing what you want in life- clear life goals and ambitions 

Most people are living a life in confusion with no set or clear goals, where everything seems cloudy. Yogamente helps to develop the person’s thought process. It makes them get to know more about themselves which clears away the fogginess. Hence, you will start to categorize yourself and make aims that refer to your growth with ease.

Accepting body requests- fulfilling nourishment 

People constantly work whereas some go in the opposite direction. For underworking and overworking, the body reacts differently such as malnourishment. Giving what the body requires such as space, relaxation, naps, holidays, and some time out is essential. It will all be understood by a harmonious brain. Hence, Yogamente makes you accept your body’s requests and helps to achieve its best functioning.

Gaining a spiritual attainment level- meeting the Divine 

Connecting with your insight also means connecting with your soul. This defines much greater meaning that you will also be connecting with the Divine. While discovering and exploring yourself, you will steadily have spiritual growth as well which will further lead to positivity.

Being mentally capable and ready to fight stressors- reducing stress and anxiety 

Everyone goes through different stressful situations. The stressor can be anything of live events as well such as death of a spouse to having minor violation to the law. Nevertheless, when you are capable of relaxing and gaining your spirits back while having a healthy mind and body connection, you will be able to resist new stressors. Stressors are those specific things or environmental elements that create tension. Resisting stressors is a vital task. Stress is one of a major reasons for weak bodily functioning and weak organs including the mind.

Bonus benefit- treating psychological diseases 

Imaginal, systematic desensitization as well as relaxing the body and mind is one of the numerous treatments. Hence, some of the different disorders it can treat is ICD (impulse control disorders), OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorders), anxiety and stress.


Can I practice Yogamente at any time?

Yes, you can practice Yogamente whenever you wish to. Most people practise Yogamente during the early morning. Hence, they first carry out Yogamente and then start their day with their goals and being self-aware. Starting your day with peace is a great initiative. Yogamente also promotes motivating yourself to the highest extent.

Is there a certain age limit for practicing Yogamente?

Everyone of all age types can practice Yogamente. There are different asanas for every kind of age. Some positions require more flexibility whereas some are simple and easy to carry out. Hence, everyone is free to carry out Yogamente.

What is the ideal setting of practising Yogamente?

It is best that you choose an environment that gives you peace. There are several different Yogamente clubs as well. It is best to choose one as the instructor can help you best with posture on getting the right asanas.


Yogamente has surely proven to be worthwhile. It has some best benefits that a wider population is trying to reach. It makes you aware of your journey that has been gone and that is yet going to arrive. While thriving with spiritual relations, it betters the relationship with you are the Divine. You will surely find ease in your life and understand yourself better through the practice of Yogamente. Unlocking the emotional damage and oozing it out through relaxation techniques is what Yogamente aims to do too. Hence, grab your yoga mats and prepare yourself to start your journey. Create a link with your mind and body through different dimensions.

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